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He only watches me or tries to on occasion get me to wait on his table. The man does the same thing every time he's in here. Come in request me as his waitress, -paid off these last few times to avoid me avoiding him, tricky little fellow he is-, then orders the arcade special, 'our lunch' as he deemed it the first time I waited on him. Refilling his coffee to just about the brim I ask him as I've had enough of his doing this this week, "What do you think you're doing? There will not be a second date." I tell him sternly, wanting him to get it then get out. I just wanted my timid little life to stay in the same boring routine. I try to pull it away but he lands his kiss before I can. I know though that the button I've hit to stop the elevator upon coming in here won't last forever. I see her kiss bruises lips and they tempt me further in my progress. The dark haired Adonis makes sure there's no reason to for me to kick him out. I tell him politely to stick it before getting another waitress on it. He turned a romantic evening between us into – I mentally groan. When is it finally going to click in that big brain of yours that I will not ever change my mind regarding who and what type of man you are? He extends his hand out in a business manner."Deal." I accept as he turns it over to kiss the top of my hand. My hand moves to her cheek, cupping it to angle her jaw and kiss more firmly into mine.I see my family on the rail once a month at the end of the month to catch up on new things going on. Happily married parents, can't complain." "Friends are all business partners. No matter how tempting he is or how good his lips feel on mine or how much I want to give in." I snap to myself pathetically. Fifteen percent doesn't sound like a lot but to a student whom has loans, fifteen percent helps out a bit. "No I haven't." I cross my arms over my chest in a puff of poutiness at her read of me. I grew more interested in the floor as I got what she meant. "Now were stuck being bored until we get customers in." she ended. The book was more detailed than the low rated movie it was made into but neither endings were good to me. I remark without thought, "Cheeky."He lifts a brow; I pretend I didn't say anything. I felt her mouth open undermine as she accepted the kiss. Our mutual responses were that if a new found intimacy. "I mean seriously to be playing with her…" she indicated to Usagi as if she were beneath her. I watched as she sauntered up to me, trying to be seductive.I just loaded up books on the human anatomy, the price tags sticker shocking when my co-worker came up."So who put the extra sugar in this morning? With dyed grey hair at the ends and blonde at the roots she was a sight to behold. You seem a bit 'extra' today." She replied looking at me thoughtfully. I was growing tired of her riddle game at such a time of the day. It lasted until I heard a screeching from a banshee. On a protective instinct that I wasn't aware that I had, I pushed Usagi behind me to avoid her getting caught in the cross fire between Beryl and me.The problem was I was hearing my stomach growl halfway there. No amount of rubbing would stop the gurgling from sounding out. I looked to his pointed finger A bar and restaurant around the corner…literally. It chooses to be obnoxiously loud." I emphasize by looking down at it.My stomach said 'until you feed me I'm talking now'. I suddenly wanted to call off dinner and go home for said snacks. I scowled in mock anger."Never be embarrassed by it. Not completely assured I nod anyways and we begin our date. " the waiter came back, "Hai, I'll have a chicken breast, breaded with a side of vegetables and potatoes, nothing extra." I answer.I closed the door to the off white device and made myself get dressed. I looked down, sheepishly, I didn't want him to think I was bailing on him.

It's the only way to account for him to be able to be here for EVERY last shift I've had this week. "You think I haven't noticed that every day I work here you're here now." He appears innocent to the accusation."Not sure what you mean." He supplies. Dinner is all your getting and if I choose to never hear from you again you have to accept and leave me alone.

Sitting down for dinner she said not a word, so I broke the silence. I take in how relaxed she is and then see the different facial expressions in her face. The hot waters sooth but do not remove the feelings as I had hoped it would. Can't have this rich guy think I'm easy of can be bought and owned, I'm not that type of girl."I look forward to it." He remarks before accepting his card and receipt. I was caught though as I hear, "So…" from Lizzy behind me. " I see him digging into the cat fish, "That's for me to know and for you to find out. "Your breathing is slightly elevated, your body is fidgety, your eyes have darted to my lips more than three times in the last five minutes and I'm willing to bet that the kiss hasn't left your mind since it happened. She must have heard the tone in my voice as she visibly calmed down. Its making this courtship difficult and interesting. She looks to be contemplating it, "Anything you want to eat." I try.

"About what I said last time." She looked to me expectantly, "I'm so used to being blunt I forgot my manners that evening." She wiped her mouth of excess food but otherwise said not a word, she was waiting for more of an explanation from me. I deserved it mind you but in the end her having this power over me was new."I admit I find myself wanting to see you in a more private setting befitting a couple on a date rather than just a friendly gathering. "So is gawking at me during two thirds of the movie a move of yours? I get out and go through my nightly washing ritual then go to bed only to wake up before REM sleep even kicks in."Wait a second! " I went to look for the number so I could call and rebuff his last words that I should have but didn't deny…I couldn't. That I wanted to know what he could do to me in bed. " my body went still as stone as I froze from the sound of his voice. Granted a sex book wasn't trivial but it was better than us…or not like that…whatever… "But I agree the ending wasn't preferred." I nodded as I didn't think I could say anything right now. I jumped about three feet, figuratively speaking, before turning to talk to her. In the mean -time tell me more about yourself." He insisted. "Orange chicken with white rice." She orders, "Your wish is my command." I smile and stand up. I want to change it to a sensual kiss but I didn't want to push my luck. But then as if luck was starting to shift to my side she turns her head a little bit to let it linger for a minute. Humiliate Usagi at all costs, "She's clearly not within our league Mamoru-san. Getting by on scraps from two-part time jobs." I saw Usagi's eyes narrow at her words but nothing more. I suggest that you keep your comments to yourself." I warned.

Tank top with shirt sleeve cut off sweater at the waist and some jeans were adorning her now. I saw by the doorway were her three inch white sandals. Last time she was here to impress, this time she's here to get this over with. "I just work to control the narrative." I explain to her. I shift in my seat and maneuver to hide anything that might end up appearing sexual. "However the need you have to maintain that control gives them control over you." I was stunned. She gives in and sits at the far end of the couch to watch an action movie with me. I knew why I was I just wasn't ready to accept that he made me feel it after just one breathless kiss that I let happen. Reheating velvet cups weren't ideal but pour a spoonful of water in and it helped make it gooey again. Shaking my head, I got up to put the half eaten food away. I'm not a puppet to dress up and take to dinner parties. If I wanted a brainless trophy, then I'd marry Beryl." I tell her. And they will be removed to your pace." I assure her.

I had to figure out a way to get her to see me and not the jackass within. "Yeah but not everything is within our control." She stipulates. So much I could say to that but I have to keep this PG if I'm going to get her to stay here."Depends on your position." I smirk. I know she purposely choose to sit as far as possible to avoid any contact. The movie itself is one I've seen before so missing half to see her reaction is fine with me. Shoving it back into a foil wrap I put it in the fridge then head off to shower. "Hai, the cafeteria is pretty good here." I answer. I don't dare to turn my head and admit to looking in his direction. I can tell she wants to reply in a childlike manner but maturity dictates that she not. She looked embarrassed by my words."If I say no…" she warned, "I'll back off." I promise her. On the defense, maybe someday she'll tell me what went down in her past to make her so sketchy of another male in her life. Twenty minutes passed as she made to leave back for her shift, "Come over tonight." I cajole to her.

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