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The last lines regard the shortcut creation and the internationalization of this installer.Take a look on the official documentation and this should be enough.The 'webdir' is the addressed used to search for the package if you are about to create an online installer.

Your first section of the Iz Pack XML should be the something like: No big secret on that.

The next part is what will define the flow of your Iz Pack installer: Those panels are available by default in Iz Pack.

You can, however, create your own panels as well as install new ones created by the community and available mainly at Iz Pack's site ( The one that will specify each pack of your application: must have one or more files registered.

Now that this is explained, let's get started: First of all, part of your jobs is already done thanks to the e RCP imposed architecture.

I'm talking about having your project split in several parts that are almost completly independent. Your update site or your product uses a set of plugins and call it a feature if you followed most of the tutorials.

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